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Worion story

The Aeon peace of the Planetary constellations and the consecration of Star altars of the Four People was interrupted on a peaceful day by unknown blinding brilliance of all Three of Unfamiliar Stars. Nobody was looking at slanted Rays on the ancient shrines of the Primeval Matter, all were transfixed, as one gaze, staring at the Straight ray of the Secret Invisible Altar. The Four People, who were as One, created one of each, who would not be from None. Out of All who were One was created the One who wanted to be over All. The Pyramids of Destiny, which emerged from the Ancient Underworld as an invincible magnet, dragged them to destruction. The Voice of Reason fell silent, and silence turned through One of them into a Warrior Roar. Nothing was sacred anymore. The Golden Section became the means of Bad Intentions. The Star Path lead them to the Bottom. Instead of all going as One, this One started over All. Instead of the sound of a solemn ritual song, the island echoed in sinister cries of babies. Instead of children's voices, there were screams of terror. Instead of sweet red nectar, there flowed dark, bitter blood. Blinded by the light of the Stars, he didn't see the ground under his feet. Crazed by the elusive silver threads, his reason was tangled as torn cobwebs. Thinking that he was treading towards heavens, he fell deeper into the darkness from which there was no escape. Driven by greed, he gave way to his lowest passions. Left to mercy, he cried to Gods for help. The desire to become human turned him into a beast.

He did not want to be noble. He did not want to be honorable. He did not want to be humble. He wanted to be elevated to the stars. He did not want to be the only helper to everyone. He wanted to be - a conqueror.